Song of Summer’s End

A melancholy cry chokes my throat,
a siren’s call of Summer’s turning.
Caramel smells fill my head-
fermented leaves, intoxicating and sweet.
The lime-yellow sky,
radiant dusk infused with aqua
is reiterated by rainbows of
glowing trees,
unfettered joy
surging skyward
burning slowly to sleep.

Moist, mild air balms my body-
a cocoon of coziness
soft and neat,
a temporary reprieve
before setting sun draws down a chill.

Two lovers mosey
while two others repose,
lost in reverie
forever brief.

As crickets whir and click and reel,
throaty squawks of geese
bid farewell, southward bound,
solicitous, free.

This fanfare of Fall
diminishes, somnolent, deep.
I succor its unguent dolor-
lullaby, coda
to summer’s green.

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12 thoughts on “Song of Summer’s End

  1. Garnet:
    Wonderful imagery that appeals to the senses. Especially liked the “caramel smells” in juxtaposition with “fermented leaves.” Neat . . .

  2. I really was moved by the palpable crys of the geese, the smells and colors of the leaves. Sometimes the moods of the seasons carry their own definitions, their own meanings. I often feel helpless trying to translate this. But I relish trying.

  3. I hear the geese in the morning, when it is nearly light and the day seems to follow them, darkness descending too soon – it all seems so sudden although it has crept up on us for weeks. I can see it all hitting you at once. I know that feeling. Nice imagery.

  4. Ned- I’ve felt the change in mood more strongly this year, giving into it, rather than fighting or denying. I feel I am a different person now than I was a few months ago, having metamorphosized from summer sprite to brooding mole.

  5. Ned and S. L. Cunningham have said it for me, but, at the risk of being boring, there really is some good imagery here, full of sensory connections, and the message of the poem communicates wonderfully clearly. I enjoyed this poem very much. Thanks.

  6. Thanks, Ken. Sometimes I wonder if folks are just expressing pleasant platitudes. But three votes certainly clears my perfidious doubt.

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