The Room

Moon over House

Black November air
oozes across the pine board floor,
cold molasses being poured.
Shadows of craggy oak twigs
gnaw the walls for flaws.
The moon cannot escape,
so peers helplessly
from her thin blue ark.
His cries are swallowed whole
by the feather comforter
weighted on his chest.
The room is silent.
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Tyme to Glitter

Tyme White over at 9rules is posting hints as to what she’s looking for in the next blog submission round. This post, “What is your site about?”, nudges potential applicants to make sure their site has a clear focus. That’s an important consideration. Do you think the “About” intro sums it up? Does this site offer what it claims? At 18 months, this blog has evolved through various styles. Let me know what you think. I like feedback.

I also like back scratching, and at this point, I’m willing to do a little of it for Tyme, because I think my site has value, (though it’s hard to categorize), but also because 9rules offers a high quality list of sites. Hi Tyme. Welcome. Please make yourself a home.