Glittering Commentari 17, Jesse

Glittering CommentariIt’s been awhile since I posted a Glittering Commentari, which are comment highlights from around the blogosphere. A recent commenter left this wonderful gem of spiritual advice on my post Spirituality without Religion. His or her name is Jesse Saunders, but that’s all I know, since there is no blog link. Enjoy…

Here’s my understanding, as best as I can describe:

The more simple you try to make your rules, the more abstract and harder to implement in real life they tend to be. But too many rules quickly start to become contradictory. My only suggestion is having an innate drive for understanding.

Trying to understand everything and searching for the truth leads you to greater wisdom. From that wisdom you can begin to see how even the words we use and ideas we have can never fully encompass everything that is. The truth is you will never be perfect, and once you discover that, you wouldn’t want to be anyway.

You’ll find that wise men tend to break things into either or situations and make one good and one bad in order to give the masses something to hold on to, but truth and reality weren’t made that way. It is basically a shorthand for more effective communication and will do nothing to help you spiritually.

Always search, always question, always discover. The goal isn’t to find one, or five, things to hold onto; it is to gain a more clear and true understanding of reality.

Your own perception is your greatest ally and worst enemy, the journey will usually start and end there.

Glittering Commentari 16, Gay Species

Stephen of Gay Species left this intense comment on Bruce’s blog, Not So Different. The original post is about Bruce’s struggle with his gay identity. Though he is very “out” and supportes equal rights for all gays, he feels guilty for sometimes being uncomfortable with the radical social politics of overtly effeminate or butch leather gay culture. His questioning is gentle and open-minded.

The comment below makes a point I have touched on in early posts here on Glittering Muse, but which I didn’t want to push too far. I, like Bruce, want to support my own “culture”, yet can’t resist questioning the integrity of some of its more fringe elements. Like the commenter below, I want gay culture to “grow up” and evolve, both socially and spiritually. Continue reading

Glittering Commentari 15, Ron

It’s been awhile since I posted a Glittering Commentari. But Ron of Wondering Soul presented me with this concise and simple description of the relationship between doing and being, which was the subject of the post. I can’t imagine it being put more clearly.

If I may simply amplify what has already been said…my ideal is to let my doing be informed by being, that is, all doing comes, whether consciously or not, from being. One of the main difficulties is maintaining awareness in this present moment of now, of source (of being) whatever one chooses to call it, God, Goddess, Gaia, Spirit or whatever. As Neale Donald Walsche put it in ‘Conversations with God’; “remember who you really are and be that!” St. Paul said to “walk in the Spirit” (who you really are) and the doing will naturally arise from that state of consciousness.

Please visit his site. You’ll come away feeling lighter in spirit.

Glittering Commentari 14, Ned

Glittering Commentari

Ned (or newly moved Ned) is back on the billboard. S’he returns with rare trinkets from way up high where s’he often flies. Here are two gems from h(is)er responses to other comments to his post called Bird Omens.

” One can only think too much if thinking is just an excuse for not doing. ”

“Sometimes when the door of opportunity opens, it lets in the flies.”

Ringers. They just rattle around in my head all day. I love ’em!! I want a T-shirt that says, “Have you had your Nedful today?”.

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Liz’s Sun

purple doorI went back through the early days of Liz’s Letting ME Be. She started her blog way, way back on July 24, 2005. I don’t know if history was recorded back then. She started with a post that created the heart of a blog, around which her name has become as well known and comforting as a bloggers gets.

That first post was called, Breathing Room. It included a wonderful line at the end, which I have pasted above my screen to remind me everyday.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe.

I need to find more ways just to be. Not a philosophical search for existence, “to be or not to be,” but ways to set down my cares and breathe in a bit of life. My soul needs airing out now and then to fill itself up again. Unlike my body, it can’t get by on peanut butter sandwiches and milk. It needs trees, flowers, and the night sky, especially the night sky—stars to wish upon and space to let my mind wander aimlessly.

When I give my soul a little breathing room . . . everyone I know gets nicer.

Though it’s a post, and not officially a comment, this little gem deserves to be in the Glittering Commentari.

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