Sparks are the beginning of fires, which warm, protect and guide, or maybe just give us something nice and spacey, a flickering flame upon which to levitate dreams.

Writing this, I guide myself. Reading it, you guide me, and perhaps yourself. We rely on each other. We move en masse, hobbling together through thickets, carrying what light we can find to see. Voices emerge, then recede.

Sparks of emotion can change your path. Sparks of ideas can light the universe. Sparks of distant stars give us dreams.

Listen, watch, trust, repeat. Sparks happen when you least expect.

Sparks can travel the speed of light through these wires, zapping you and moving on. What are sparks to you? Pass this spark on. Light a fire.

And please remember who was your flint. This flint sparked at Liz’s

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15 thoughts on “Sparks

  1. This is really nice, Garnet. Sparks become fire, in turn becoming a blazing forest, creating light that will be seen from the heavens.

    However, we do need to control our “sparks” at times. We don’t want to burn ourselves out you know.

  2. This was lovely, and reminded me of this Australian aboriginal poem:

    At night as I sit by my campfire
    the Great Serpent Spirit a’star
    I sing songs of love to the Presence within
    as it plays with the sparks on my fire.


    Thank you Garnet.

  3. Spark Culling

    A spark simmers,
    a gleam unspoken
    barely bright
    forsaken and forlorn
    a whisp of time goneby
    your music whisoers to me
    joyous notes again vibrating
    culling forgone feelings
    sparkling glowing roaring
    heartstrings and beating drums
    soul music set on fire
    2g lhhhhg

  4. whispers whispers whispers whispers whispers whispers whispers whispers whispers whispers whispers whispers

    Huh? Pay no attention, just practicing my typing.

    whispers whispers whispers whispers . . .

  5. taorist- Hello there. Welcome to my niche of the woods. Good point. I tend to spark way too much late at night, and have no fire in the morning.

  6. Liz-giggle. you’re so cute. The h in whisper is the most important part, and the part I usually forget. What a touching poem. (I know exactly what you’re saying) “a spark simmers” COOL!

    Last night, while riding along in my train, I saw a glowing angel walking happily along a meandering road. I decided to take a walk with her.

  7. My mind ran very much along these lines while I was casting about for a name for my blog. I recognized my own thoughts in your poem, which added to the pleasure.

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