Slipping into something more comfortable

no referrerAhh. To come home from a day dressed in gray and brown tailored discretion, bow-tied determination and tight decision making shoes–It’s so nice to slip out of those disguises and don something a little more comfortable.

no referrer
I strip down to my naked, soft heart, unbutton my presumptions, throw my judgments in the dirty laundry and shower away layers of discrepancies. My favorite part is soaking in a nice warm bath of gratitude and forgiveness. There’s nothing quite like it to soothe the tired soul.

10 thoughts on “Slipping into something more comfortable

  1. You must work in advertising! Regardless, work is work, and it must be done. Nice post, if i read it right, about the dirty of working, when it’s not towards your passion: writing. Beautiful!

  2. THG- you’re a night owl. (like me) Well, I’m in public arts advertising: I’m a musician! Even we performers need to shed our “costumes” and just be our silly human selves.

  3. What comment do i leave here?

    Right now, i feel in “ASCII” and my words are in “BINARY” form…two different languages.

    I wish i had a mechanism to directly download my feelings and automatically transalate them into words. It would be so much more effective and real.

    I will still try:

    I loved to see you strip like that. It aroused me and really turned me on.

  4. Anu- I have a feeling you spake other languages as well. I think you did a pretty good job of downloading your feelings in this comment, and on your blog! So, you like my pink, fluffy slippers?

  5. I really like that black boot. I must find a pair just like it. And wow, is coming home really like that for you? It’s not for me. At home I have to be the uptight, boot-bound decision maker. Maybe they’ll let me wear slippers at work…

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