no refererI’m a problem solver. If something needs fixing, I assess it and decide how to act up the solution. I want everything working, even if it’s held together with duct tape.
no referer
But that doesn’t work with people. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when to listen and when to offer advice. I have trouble knowing the difference. Listening can be harder work than fixing. At least for me.

One thing for sure. I learn more from listening.

I’m listening… what’s on your mind?

(anyone see my duct tape around?)

3 thoughts on “Listening

  1. For reasons unknown to known science, I’ve always been the kind of person people went to, to share their problems.

    I’ve learnt that simply listening and doing only that which encourages the person to keep sharing will work wonders. Most people don’t know how to solve their problems because they don’t know what the problem really is.

    By having to articulate the problem and tell you about it, they get to know it. And by knowing the problem, they have attained half the solution. The other half usually comes a few seconds later, either from themselves or from you.

    PS: this line is just great! “I want everything working, even if it’s held together with duct tape.”

  2. I work in I.T. and as every day passes, every issue seems like a “problem” that needs “fixing.” I gotta constantly remember that people sometimes need to vent, and are not needing a “solution.”


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