12 thoughts on “Seeing is Believing

  1. Hello Hungry Writer! I’m so glad you stopped by. My little glitter cottage is always open. I also add your house number to my book.

  2. Very true Garnet. Perception is the reality of most all of us. To see our own perception, to know perception as perception, our creation from past images, memories, experiences, filters, colors, shades of shades. Can we see perception for the imposter that it is or do we live with shadows and make shadows our friends.

    Excellent post.

  3. Trée- (aren’t you impressed I figured out how to add the accute accent to your name?) You put that so elequently, I think your perception has flowered beautifully from my words, and now sits atop them, gloriously. I vote for friendship with those wonderful personal lenses.

  4. Oh, Garnet, this is such an captivating photo! An with those words below it – truely wondrous

  5. Garnet, I am impressed. Just that you took the time to figure it out tells me you have a kind and compassionate soul. One always likes to see one’s name spelled as it was meant. Thanks my friend. 🙂

  6. Thanks all. That photo I took is from an exhibit of Chihully in collaboration with our Botanical gardens in Columbus. He created dozens of stunning “organic” pieces specifically for the various climate rooms of the greenhouses.

  7. The picture is a perfect accompaniment to the words. What in blazes is that thing? First it looked like blown glass, then I thought it must be plant life, since it is surrounded by greenery. Turns out it is art, after all. I allowed that which surrounds the item to skew my perception of the item itself.

  8. Isn’t is beautiful! Chihully blurred the lines of perception with those works. I actually wrote the words, then found the photograph I took of the art last year. But they match well.

  9. The photo is amazing.

    As far as the “Idea of seeing is believing”.

    One of my spiritual beliefs is that the physical world is an illusion formed by our beliefs. According to my belief system. Believing is seeing is believing more.

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