Glittering Commentari 8, Shawn

Shawn of Lo-Fi Tribe posted some thoughtful comments to his post, Radio Flyer into the Future. He created a nice little time warp there. How the present is so much more than just moving ahead. There’s evolution toward something new, not just different. His commenter, Ron, of “Paradigm…My Shifting Thoughts” responds:

What nostalgia you have invoked. I, of course, also had my own original Radio Flyer wagon back around 1950. With a birthday coming up tomorrow I’m suddenly feeing a bit ‘old’.
You are right. It doesn’t have to be either/or. It can also be both/and. Or, as Ken Wilber has said, the idea is to transcend and include. When a bunch of atoms get together to form a molecule the molecule does not say to the atoms, “I don’t need you anymore. I have transcended that and become something bigger and better”. The obvious point being without the atoms there would be no molecule. Without that which went before would there be a ‘now’?

Thank you Shawn and Ron for fielding these thoughtful perceptions.

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2 thoughts on “Glittering Commentari 8, Shawn

  1. That is so well said that in its own way it’s almost poetry. Certainly there is symbolism all over it. These are people I would love to have a conversation with. Bring them along when you come to Chicago!

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