Glittering Commentari 11, LargeTony

Wow, I’m feeling a little giddy. A few weeks ago I asked Tony to submit some comments to the Glittering Commentari list. Today I got his answer.

For anyone who doesn’t know him, this guy is a natural storyteller. His blog is one of my favorites. He has a gift for bringing you along in his narrative. He’s light hearted and meaningful. And never pretentious. He’s also very, very sexy. All of him.

According to him, out of his thousand comments, he chose one by me to submit! Boy does he know how to butter both sides of a guy!! I’m just blushing like a little Catholic schoolgirl.

Here’s me kissing a tree after dreaming of Tony.

mc kisses tree

The post this comment refered to is Sunshine on my Soldier, one of his best among many.

My comment was:

My, oh my, Tony, you can spin it, unravel it, perk it up, drive it home. My rapt attention became my wrapped attention. Who needs a web cam!!!

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  1. Garnet, thanks so much for those incredibly kind comments you left on my site. That was very nice and much appreciated. Glad to hear of your survivorship. I’m sure you provide great inspiration to many others fighting this terrible disease. Take care.

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