More on the Camping Trip

Camping among “family”. I liked how new friends and neighbors were literally a stones throw away. I could hang out at my tent, even with folks milling about on either side, and read quietly alone. Or I could just walk a few feet and sit with a friend and chat, or join a little party next door, without having to drive. Or I could site hop and serial visit with lots of folks. Nice. That feeling of spontaneity is so sweet. Here, my closest friend is a mile and a half, not far, but far enough to feel it’s best to call before I stop by. Car culture, ironically, secludes us.

3 thoughts on “More on the Camping Trip

  1. I’m happy you discovered DesignereBlog–I’ve posted answers to your questions in the comments there.

    I’ve never camped nude but I love nude beaches and events in general where gay men can gather without the physical and social restrictions of clothing. You have a fine blog and I enjoy your writing style–I’ll be back.

  2. Never been a camping fan. Did that once as a Girl Scout. Since then my idea of roughing it is a Motel 6 with a black and white TV! Each to his own!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Will-I’m glad you understand how freeing it is, not only physically but socially. I went to a large music camp in high school, and we had to wear uniforms. Leveling the fielf freed us. I know nudity is not the same. (though I wouldn’t have minded a nude music camp either) But it is similarly liberating to wipe the social/clothing/masking slate clean.

    Jill-I’m not much of a camper, either, but the pros have started to outweigh the cons, especially if the weather is fine, as it was this last weekend. (cute detail about the black and white TV)

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