Love’s Font

Here is a wonderful, spiritual post from Meredith at Graceful Presence. This is beautifully honest and heartfelt musing inspired by yogic philosophy. Later she quotes the New Testament, capturing the true presence of the spirit of Jesus, in the colors and mood I think he intended his teachings. It’s worth reading the whole thing. I love how she gently explores the different layers of inner spaciousness, starting with time, then breath, then emotions, and through compassion to infinite love.

When I meditate, which unfortunately is only occasionally, I find the first thing I need to do is relax the tension in my chest, around my sternum and heart. Almost instantly, I feel a warmth spread through my limbs. It’s almost as if a space is literally created around my heart to allow it to feel what it always yearns to feel: unbounded love and forgiveness.

Presence: In quiet moments of solitude, I have been turning to the spaciousness of the present moment. I have been allowing this feeling of spaciousness within me expand, just to see how far it can go, and observing what the experience of it is for me. The intensity of this experience is subtle. In the simplicity of observing the present moment, noting what thoughts come and go, hearing the flies buzzing by and the soft clucking of the chickens, feeling the warm breezes on my skin, and observing my own breath… there is a prevailing fresh quality of resting in Presence. I still don’t know the answer to that question or how far this can go yet, because there is no end to the in-the-moment experience of this. In other words, each moment of feeling spaciousness is a new moment – I feel it expansively and freshly. The experience of this for me is of open possibility, and a quiet peaceful serenity. Though occasionally disturbing thoughts surface in the present moment of observing, I am becoming practiced in just allowing these troubling thoughts dissolve. When I realize turmoil, and then become less absorbed within it, I feel a humbling compassion toward myself. This is fertile ground for love.

3 thoughts on “Love’s Font

  1. I learned recently that there is a genre called prose poettry. It involves poetic sensibilities and poetic words written in prose form. Surely this beautiful statement of opening oneself to the world and to love must qualify.

    Thank you for finding and sharing it.
    What a lovely way to begin my day with this gift from you.


  2. Indeed, that poetic style is the sign of a gifted teacher: one who can convey complex ideas through words. Really, that’s what poetry is about. Don’t you think?

  3. “I find the first thing I need to do is relax the tension in my chest”

    For myself I also need to relax the tension in my neck and jaw. I find this very challenging as some of the tension in my jaw I’m not even able to locate the source, the place to relax… It’s such a reflection for me of that which I hold onto unconsciously.

    thank you,

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