Glittering Commentari 7, Knotty Boy

Knotty Boy submitted some deep comments probing a delicate subject.

The post Mothership Has Landed is about ufo’s and what would happen if they landed in a gay ghetto and started analy probing the boys. Here are a few of his favorite comments.

FYI alien probings are responsible for 2% of the birthrate here in NJ. But we like to keep that especially quiet around our interesting offspring!

It would be at least more appreciated than when some uptight republicans got probed. What an image. I wonder if the aliens have those complaint cards like in the fast food restaurants….would you rate your probing as Very good, good, fair, poor or very poor….

Im wondering two things…
Are anal probing privileges extended to LEGAL aliens?
How much are flights to Wyoming these days?

Can us hags get anal probed too? I’ll bring the pills, sunglasses and spacesuits. We’ll all get probed and then have cocktails together on the mothership. Wooo!
Bees Knees

Oooh, I see the next big concept in reality TV! “Science Non Fiction meets Queer as Folk”.

I’ve always held the belief that The Aliens had somehow got a hold of a Torso magazine and focused on the term, “Hungry Bottom”. It’s only a theory.

I think they stopped the anal probing after my run in with them. Appearantly “Get IT! Get IT! Go Daddy Go!” translates into something terrifying in their language? They didn’t even call later

I posted them all, for their revealing perspectives. I think my favorite is the last, by Pat. What about you?

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9 thoughts on “Glittering Commentari 7, Knotty Boy

  1. Hi Garnet!
    What a creative group this is.You simply must invite them along when you come to Chicago. Of sourse, they’d have to *foot* the bill for their own champagne, but I’m not convinced that they don’t come with their own natural high.


  2. I never really got how much commenters give back to my process. Thank you hon for shedding some light on this. Now that the lights are on…wtf is all this sticky stuff on the floor? God damned bees knees and her water based lube again! Garnet pass the water hose will ya deary?

  3. LOL! Thanks for the kindness. It’s still a sad state with me in the backyard everynight trying to phone home. The Greys stopped by once but it was a disaster. They’re total bottoms!!!

  4. Knottyboy, sure I’ll pass the hose, but I can’t get the little enema attachment off the end of it.

    Pat, thanks for yet another tear duct cleaning! LOLLOLon the floor!

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