Universal Health Care Highest Priority

I am “un-insurable” because I have a serious pre-existing condition. So I have to keep a weak job just to get insurance. What kind of free country is that!? Millions of innovative Americans are imprisoned by dead end jobs just to get health care. What about a better America which allows more of us to be self-employed, adjusting to the market needs? Now that’s real “free-market” thinking! For that to happen we must first have universal health care. There is no other way for the US to move forward in the world.

Next I voted for a Green Economy. To fix the market crisis long term, we need to change to adapt to a greener world. Other countries are already ahead of us on this. But we can catch up easily if we want to.

Movon.Org sent me an email urging me to vote for the issues most pressing for the Obama Administration. Please go vote and make your voice heard!

5 thoughts on “Universal Health Care Highest Priority

  1. Even if one can afford to pay premiums, California’s insurance companies know they can collect premiums, and then deny reimbursement.

    After 26 years with Blue Shield of California, a tax-exempt corporation, it suddenly and arbitrarily decided to collect my $14K/an premium, but not provide any benefits. When appealed to the Department of Health Management, which read something it would not share, I was told, “sorry, out of luck.”

    What about the providers? They are out the $350K, not me. I simply filed bankruptcy, but no politician locally would become involved — not Leno, not Migden, only Speaker Pelosi’s office (who is not my representative) that insisted it was a “state” matter. Sure it is. But who cares if Sacramento approves of corporate malfeasance?

    The insurance companies are rotten because politicians are. Ten years ago, I got attention in a dispute. Today, I’m given grief.

  2. @The Gay Species: Wow! That’s scary, but I’m not surprised. As long as you have signed the policy, what ever fine print, no matter how unethical, how outrageously wrong, it’s legal for them. I just hope something changes for the better with the Obama administration.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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