Happy New Year!

I just took a long shower and changed my bed sheets for the New Year, a tradition I began as a child to remind me of “turning over a new sheet” for the New Year.

Best Wishes for a Safe and Healthy New Year to All.

David Garnet

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Good year to you too. May the pages turn gently as the light grows stronger and you discover new adventures for the moment. Good health and much laughter be your gifts and peace of heart be your understanding.

  2. I have the same annual reflex with the sheets, but this year I even soaked in the tub quite a while.
    Happy healthy attitude growth.

  3. I love that–turning over a new sheet! Who doesn’t love fresh, clean sheets on the bed? It’s a great tradition and a great metaphor for beginning a new year with a fresh perspective.


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