A thought provoking blog.

David Depape has a blog he cleverly calls “God is Love“. I’m sure he intends those words’ various echoes of meaning, from completely ironic to absolutely and literally true.

His voice is as subtle and complex as the title. He is neither religious nor atheist. The hypocrisies of organized religion get no mercy from him, but nor do rabid atheists. Somehow he finds inspiration in the ambiguous truth of neither/nor.

Take his post, The Religion of Science.

Religion is a form of stagnant science. Christianity is based on science. The priests were the scholars and scientists or their day. They observed the world and came up with a theory of existence based upon what they could observe. They didn’t know about atoms, cells and the quantum level. They came up with the best theory they could with what little they knew. Religion is science that got stuck on proving old theories. Now atheism is doing the same. Atheism is stuck on proving a point and it’s clinging to theories that are becoming antiquated in the face of new discoveries.
Instead of admitting what we know and admitting what we don’t know and moving forward from there.

I think you’ll find his views as refreshing as I did.

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  1. Hey Thanks.

    That’s such a sweet post to run across while searching the internet.

    Thanks Sweet Heart

    From David dePape

    P.S. God is love. I do mean it.

    God is a noun. (english was my worst subject so i could be wrong)
    A noun is a person, place or thing.

    God is a thing. It is out their and it loves you.

    Who does it love?


    What does it mean to say god loves you?

    It means god accepts you.

    Just the way you are.

    To god your perfect just the way you are.

    In the eyes of god you’re beautiful.

    God admires you.

    Your kindness, your compassion, your caring and your courage.

    God understands you.

    God knows your love and your pain.

    God respects you.

    And you deserve it.

    God is love, god is loving and god loves you.

    I understand your atheist. I’m not trying to push god on you I just wanted to share the idea of acceptance with you. To show you that I accept you and that in the higher order it’s okay to be gay.

  2. I’d be very interested to know exactly which antiquated theories atheism is adhering to.

    As an atheist myself I stick precisely zero theories. I don’t need any theories. My position is the default position, and I will consider changing it upon submission of evidence to the contary. Until that time my stance remains as the default.

  3. “Until that time my stance remains as the default.”

    I actually consider agnostacism to be the default position.

    Agnostacism being neither a claim for or against the existance of a god.

    If atheism is a claim against the existence of god then atheism is a claim of supernatuaral knowing.

    Agnosticism is without claim.

    Agnosticism doesn’t make claims it can’t support.

    As an atheist and not an agnostic you are claiming that god doesn’t exist.

    Can you prove that god doesn’t exist?

    Or are you making claims you can’t support.

    If atheism is founded on fact show me the fact?

    If atheism is not founded on fact then atheism is just another religion in my eyes.

    Here’s an article I recently wrote that you might find interesting.

    talking meat

  4. A little more insite into the talking meat article.

    I wrote it as a response to a discussion I was involved in on a forum.

    The discussion was “how can anything undetectable be known to exist?”

    So I cited dark matter as an example.

    From what I understand dark matter is as of yet undetectable.

    Scientists know that it exists because of the effect that it has.

    Basicaly all the visible matter in existance can’t account for the gravitational pull required to keep galaxies together. Yet galaxies remain together. So the detectable matter can’t account for phenomena that is know to occur. So their must be some undetectable source of gravitational pull to balance the equation. Hence dark matter was coined.

    I used this as my example of how something undetectable can be known to exist.

    which since the discussion was about god not dark matter. Led to the obvious conclusion what is the tangible effect that god has upon matter. Or what is the effect that the matter in the universe can’t account for on it’s own.

    That’s what the article is about. Here it is again. I hope you enjoy. I’m trying to get some more movies to go with it. I want to get a scence from the movie madagascar. they have a bunch of scenes where all the little animals appear as meat to the lion I’m sure their is something their I could use that would be really funny.

    talking Meat

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