Learning to Fly

FlyingWe make thousands of choices each day, and they often weigh on us as we wonder and ponder if they were the right ones. This can clog clarity, cloud focus. It’s better to let go as you go.

When life is coming at you fast, when pressure builds and stress seems to be in the air you breathe, it helps to know how to fly.

Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, and imagine yourself transparent, light as air. Your thoughts are feathers. Your breathing is your wings.

When the next decision arrives in your day, think of the process of making a choice as a small step. After you make the choice, imagine you’ve stepped over the edge and are in free fall. But you are light, you cannot fall far. Breathe. As you look ahead, there are other peaks and places to land.

With each decision or choice, see it as floating off a peak or cliff. You leave it behind and fly to the next. If need be, you can float back to a previous choice and reconsider it. But staying light makes steering your course a lot easier.

Happy Flying!

6 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

  1. Breath is a very important thing to consider. Many of us go through life taking quick snatches of air, essentially denying ourselves a full dose, as it were, every second of every day. Breathing deeply and slowly, and being conscious of our breathing, can bring so many benefits. Great post! x

  2. Good reminder of how to fly within choice. If we watch a bird flying in the air.
    And gently on landing it kind of glides on the breeze. So I guess the Masters of the sky can teach us a lot.
    Funny my post today is on Choice to be Free.
    Thank you for your reminder David. :o)

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