Keep Your Sights High

Autumn Distance PerspectiveI was jogging in the park today and began looking up at the trees to enjoy all the gorgeous, rich leaf colors. I noticed how light my head felt, how smooth it felt to jog. Since I was focused quite a bit above the ground and also a bit further ahead, the scenery moved slower past me, and the bouncing sensation of jogging became less evident. It felt as if I were floating along, rather than pounding the pavement, or asphalt in this case.

Enjoying the new view, I continued with my sight set high throughout my run. My mood also felt lighter, influenced by the floating scenery and apparent soft flow of time.

I wondered if others might experience the same thing. Suppose everyone looked more at the sky, the clouds and high up into the trees, instead of staring at the all too familiar scenes right before us? Give it a try. You don’t need to look straight up!! Just gaze slightly up and further ahead than you usually do. You see more information, a wider picture. You feel more in control, better prepared by the greater perspective.

This will even help most drivers. I’ve seen drivers so myopic they don’t even notice a parked car in their lane until they are 10 feet from it.

I feel more alert and prepared when I look ahead at life, rather than closing my vision on the gory details of the project I’m stuck in. Details are nice, but the big picture is a better point of view from which to live.

So… set your sights higher, gaze into a more distant future, up into a lighter atmosphere.

7 thoughts on “Keep Your Sights High

  1. Oh HI!
    If only I could be as wise, and get beyond the clutter of projects that I am supposed to resume these days! :-)But my room needs cleaning again (UH!), so there goes my wishful poetic perspective. Gotta go. Kisses.

  2. I guess viewing the big picture is good … if we imagine the tapestry of life … zoom in on a fraction of it all we see is thread and knots … stand back and see it from a different vantage point and … Wow! der yer get the picture? The Entirety!
    Have a wonderful day! Wandering up in the clouds.
    Glad I am not the only one with an untidy room … as she wades through paper on the floor … you dont want to know what is on the desk.

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