Now that it’s almost Spring, I thought I’d honor my favorite part of Winter…
Snow Crystal 1

Snowflakes swirl down from a midnight sky,
whipped cream spirals in a bowl of indigo.
This glowing cornucopia unravels into silver needles
of splintered light, tiny crystalline doilies, saucered tales
from Pacific swells, Gulf Streams eons old,
phantom cauldrons rising up to bitter cold,
churned by Alberta Clippers, El Niños, Nor’ Easters,
mountains of air with volcanic force
as vicious and blue as hurled steel beams; yet
these latticed keys from distant rooms ride as
lightly as butterfly wings. Each hexagonal dream,
uniquely knitted by whispers of thought,
giggles down and adds its price to the muted ground,
to perhaps be wondered at briefly
before disappearing forever.

Snow Crystal 2


Bobbing freely
above the drowning,
briny sea,
they move with
the breeze yet
remain tethered
to solid ground beneath
darkly mysterious
still waters.
I look into those eyes,
such deeply rooted guides
which flow with every mood
yet never become lost
by my winding path.

Torn Scraps

Torn strips of silk flutter
in a light breeze, ’cause
someone left the freezer open
while scrounging late at night
for ice cream, shuffling the Samba
in a sprouted pink Teri-Cloth robe.
Cha cha cha, the lone curled figure
danced to scraps of dreams,
skin peels, Ephedra tonics, red satin
chiffon dresses, with a black lace slip
underneath, just in case.
The papers promised fame,
tuxedoed men lined the stage,
careful not to give names. But
floodlights fizzled, headlines
blurred with spilled champagne,
scratched records became static.
Muffled jazz could almost be heard
as the cold, dry air sifted
past the smiling face glowing
in the spotlight
while ice crackled
impatiently in the background.

Partition; Condom Use and Common Sense

Today is World AIDS Day, to remind us that AIDS is very much with us all. I would like to remind you that religious dogma is effectively discouraging and preventing condom use in the name of “encouraging abstinence”. Millions are dying while that kind of thinking still persists. I think it’s about time our karma ran over that dogma!

Shadows of Lovers


Shadow puppets
undress arms and legs
from under false skin.
Gestures sweep the sky,
pointing to roiling suns beyond
the flat life of black and white.
A disembodied voice
asks about private rooms.
The shadows frolic on, innocent.

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes at Sunrise
Thoughts on time
in tones of blues
or orange, bright
pearls of sun
drip down these tubes,
while air slips through
their purple scales,
random chance, dares,
wishing only for harmony.

Wind chimes remind us of the persistent nature of change, and teach us to make music with lessons learned from impermanence.

Click here to hear the chimes of a “Balinese” scale hanging near my house.

I have several sets of medium to large chimes hanging around my garden. Their scales are neither happy nor sad, but mysterious and questioning. I never tire of hearing them. Their music ranges from one tone lingering across many seconds to a joyous cacophony of 30 bells clanging in response to active wind.