September Haiku

September suns rays
slice across verdant gardens.
Cold nights chill my toes.

Summer emptied.
I use days up as they come.
Silk breeze on my thigh.

Kitchen counter full.
Fall bounty clogs big pots.
Earth oars down the clock.

Rake dreams with windows open.
Kaleidescope trees.
Leaves need many big bags filled.

Pace this day’s flight with tastes
of Summer’s ripe bounty.
Pesto’s delight greens my mouth.

Morning mist weighs down dawn
Between Summer and Fall.
Coffee tastes better in cold weather.

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Longing Alone

Glum fingers
fondle fish foils
(yesterday’s crusty hours)
feeling for the door, knobless with forget
knowing there must be a (w)hole somewhere

ice age shadows cool the burning soul
to a dull red glow, while
moldy moments and minute ears
fill with reverb
but no new song,
just longing…

Empty Nature

Empty nature whispers its secrets more clearly, uninhibited by our inhibitions.
Empty of paper, we free trees, and grow with them.
Empty of water, we die. Water is sacred and must be cherished.
Empty of land we fly, light as air.
Empty of air we suffocate. Breathe with respect for air also breathes us.
Empty of fire, our hearts grow cold, unable to burn love.
Empty of mind, we know everything.


blur through blue glass
I am empty.
Wine nourishes my soul.
my thoughts
tripping on stones
          over an


                                  to himself.

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