Is there a message in this photo?

I’m thinning out my life to make room for roomers to help make my financial ends meet while enduring the chaos and insecurity of being locked out of my job without pay or insurance. Life goes on. So my cat, Merlin may be telling me by snuggling on the pile of stuff to be sold or given away. Life continues, with its beauty, its pain, its sweetness, no matter now “stressed” or “distracted” you may righteously feel.

One thought on “Is there a message in this photo?

  1. Dave,
    I am sorry to hear about your present circumstances and can only imagine what you must be experiencing. I had a job six years ago that literally evaporated on me overnight. I went for a whole year before I found another job. During that time, I had to give up the house I was renting, and sell many things. I hope your situation will be resolved as soon as possible, and I wish you all the best.

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