Photos of decorations from my recital

I gave a recital of two great Mozart works at my home last Sunday, May 4th. Several good friends and colleagues joined me to play the Clarinet Trio and the Clarinet Quintet, both masterworks.

I decided to decorate my home with flowers, some cut from neighbors bushes and some from the store. Below are the photos. I love the way the scene with the white lilacs holds together with all the curly patterns in the Chinese art and the sculptures on the wall and on the table. The smaller bouquet of purple flowers is Wisteria cut from my own yard. The scent of lilacs and wisteria filled the house.

The sunflowers were on sale at the grocery store, and I think they look FAB in the cobalt vase on the mantle, like something out of a Georgia Okeefe painting.
White Lilacs, Wisteria with Art
Sunflowers in Cobalt Vase

4 thoughts on “Photos of decorations from my recital

  1. I see your personality in those pictures G. Losts of swirling free flowing shapes with vibrant color and complementary balance.

    I can almost hear the music through the color and form.


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