3 thoughts on “House of Cards

  1. My house of cards has been shattering over a lifetime, and I am just now restoring it piece by piece. One thing I am instructed to do is sit with my hand over my solar plexis, and another is a centering thing where I am to ask the universe and the earth to nourish me after doing arm and shoulder strengthening yoga stretches.

    I am looking for a metaphor here, as I seek the house of my dreams. Maybe as I build the house of cards, my house of bricks will materialize. I’d better get to work.


  2. there are very simple ways to heal any issue you may be having in your life. it is easy to heal emotional issues.
    Master Sha is wonderful teacher and offers healing techniques to heal mind, body, emotions and spirit. His recent book “soul communicaiton” is great for learning ways to speak with the divine and other souls for guidance and help. I have been practicing many of his suggestions and really find more peace and happiness in each day. Love the results of feeling better and feeling blessed. thank you master sha.

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