Living with Love

Love FlowerI just brushed one of my cats before letting him out. At first I did it without thinking, then I let myself relish the pleasure of connecting with this little soul and giving him pleasure while grooming him.

Whatever you do, do it with love. By that I mean do it as if it were the only time you do it, perhaps the last time. We all live as if there is ALWAYS another chance, which there usually is. However, living fully means expressing the poignant urgency, the wistful beauty of each moment, without bitterness, as it passes us.

We tend to see every event in terms of what it isn’t. We measure and parse accordingly, allowing happiness when something happens which averages better that usual. But that’s not the way it really is. Each moment is unique. Live to that idea and you will live fully.

Weep with your whole being when there is great loss. Smile with your whole self when life offers a gift, as it so often does.

Write your name on today, a gift you will never get again in the very same way.

7 thoughts on “Living with Love

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  2. I am often amazed at how often I read things like this and they tell me what to do in a negative instead of positive way. I want to have more love in me and from me but so often I turn to self help literature that speaks of thou wilt and thou shalt which brings out a really negative response in me. I want to have more love in me but understand that comes from love of self. It is imperative to love the self so that we can love others but it doesn’t help, I think, to be told that in a punitive way but I need to be told in a gentle way that affirms me so that I can affirm others. Parts of this were helpful, but some of it set me off.

  3. This touches my heart right where I am presently at – love, the real essence is just being revealed to me, or should I say, I am just accepting the love that was always available through Spirit. What a struggle when it is really so easy. I am grateful, beyond measure, that I am allowed many, many chances to revel in boundless joy. I am thankful for the life of illness that I have endured so that through the miracle of healing I can find boundless beauty. Thank-you for your writing!

  4. How is it different when one living with love and one living in love??

    The phrase is simple but what make them apart from their meaning.

    Please help if you can tell different, as far state of mind, action, feeling, ect…

  5. Master Sha is a wonderful teacher offers healing techniques to heal mind, body, emotions and spirit. His recent book “soul communicaiton” is great for learning ways to speak with the divine and other souls for guidance and help. I have been practicing many of his suggestions and really find more peace and happiness in each day. Love the results of feeling better and feeling blessed. thank you master sha.

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