Truth and Being

clematis0001.JPGSome thoughts on Truth (reality), Possibility (change) and Being (consciousness).

Possibility (change) is what brings Being (consciousness) to Truth (reality). Possibility keeps open the door to new combinations and patterns within Truth.

Truth guides all possibilities to one present moment, the singularity of which branches out in all directions and encompasses All.

Truth is the track upon which Being unfolds. Possibility is the fuel of Being.

Being is the path Possibility alights along the tracks of Truth.

Truth is the grid, Possibility is the paint, or perhaps film. Being is the story.

The poetry of Being could be said to be its Spirit. The text, syntax and vocabulary of Being is formulated into meaning and beauty by each person. This interpretation and application of meaning and beauty raises humanity above mere existence. Spirit is meaning springing from Possibility.

8 thoughts on “Truth and Being

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  2. I’ve considered deleting this post, since it’s SOOO out there. I was in a spacey mood when I wrote it. Now these words barely make sense to me.

    However, I have occasionally read mystical writings by well known authors like Rumi or Abraham Joshua Heschel and thought the same thing. Then, when the right mood struck, those same words rang true.


  3. My thing lately has been to learn to stop dissing my self. In the past, after reading something like this, I’d feel stupid, inferior, even hopeless.

    Today, however, I accept that these words mean something to you but not to me.

    So be it.


  4. betty- thanks. I know the gist of what I was saying is that reality is not a set thing, but change itself. Yet we think reality is something we “learn” and “solve” and then start living.

  5. This is the way I write to free my thinking, it is meditation to go beyond meaning, I enjoyed this spiritual massage, the feelings are well balanced so understanding doesn’t have to be thought, contentment was experienced in the process that eludes deletion (denial.)

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