Gall Bladder Surgery

Old Surgical InstrumentsI go under the knife today to have my dysfunctional gall bladder removed. (wouldn’t it be nice to have neuroses so neatly and completely removed?)

Wish me luck. Laparoscopic technology cannot be used in my case, since I have rebuilt plumbing from my first surgery for cancer 12 years ago. So it’ll be the old fashioned way, with formaldehyde and leeches and rusty saws.

I’m sure all will go well. I should be home by Wednesday, well enough to goad all my friends with all my needs into desperately wishing me completely recovered. Don’t knock it, it works.


8 thoughts on “Gall Bladder Surgery

  1. Good luck – not that I know much about it, but my impression is that it’s a routine kind of surgery, even with the rusty saws and leeches…

  2. Oh my gosh. I picked a few blogfolks at random from my roll because there simply isn’t time to visit everyone. So I came here, then read about your surgery. Though its only been a couple of days, I hope you are feeling a bit better each day. I’m sending good wishes and healing thoughts in your direction.

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  4. Glad to hear you’re well. I’ve only ever had one surgery for my appendix. Thankfully I was young so I don’t remember much. Not the most pleasant thing in the world. Just remember there are worse that could be happening to you :). “Always look on the bright side of life.”

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