What do you see when you think of God?

I see an incomprehensibly vast universe, perhaps “breathing” by expansion and contraction to a single point over trillions of years; a universe in which I barely exist, but which I am unbelievably lucky and blessed to be able to experience and be aware of. Outside that universe, I cannot even imagine what could be. I am humbled by the thought.


11 thoughts on “What do you see when you think of God?

  1. The first thing I think of is LIFE, in all its vast array…a tree of life.

    I often wonder about what it means exactly to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, rather than eat the fruit from the tree of life.

    I know that when I look out upon the world right now, I see a LOT of killing and death. Mostly this seems to be done by humans, with malice aforethought.

    The second thing I think about God is that God grieves.

    The third thing I think about is that God is very angry.

    The fourth thing I think about is that we are screwed.

  2. Hello David,
    I have been reading since a while your blog and I find it very interesting. You touch many subjects and some of your writing I find it truly good and inspiring. Very inspiring I must say.
    I am glad you have started to post again after that announced indefinite break.
    What do I see when I think of god depends on what my definition of god is. For most of our human fellows is quite hard to abandon the pattern of god advocated by church.
    I am a bit Buddhist so when I think of god I a dark Whole where my imagination can fly free.
    When (and if) you have the time I invite to read and essay:
    and share your opinion using the contact form of that site,
    With best wishes, Nela Beceru

  3. tsisageya- I like the honesty and humor in your answer. How angry must be a god who cares for our little world. And how strange that the more religious the world becomes the more messed up it stays.

  4. Yes. The anger. I always nearly faint when I think of the anger. Heck, my OWN anger makes me feel like I will spontaneously combust—NOW. Hence, the near-fainting.

    My life is not easy.

    Perhaps I should take an anger management class?

    Or, how about: Anger Management Class
    Professor: God

    I sure do crack myself up, sometimes.

    Hey, maybe LAUGHTER is an answer. Given the right kind……..

  5. Today when I think of God I am amazed at how my thoughts have evolved over the years. So much had to be re-evaluated or just plain thrown out;
    anthropomorphic: gone, along with the attendant characteristics, i.e., judgmental, ‘angry’, ‘Father God’ (exclusively masculine) etc.
    Today all I can think of is; love…pure, radiant, empty (of form).
    The energetic quality at the core of all existence (or non-existence) must, of necessity be that quality we call ‘love’, and that love is at it’s essence who we really all are.
    Well, actually I guess you weren’t really asking for a long definition.
    How about; God is. I am that I am. Existence exists. ‘God is love’ (John 4) ‘Know ye not ye are gods’ (Jesus in Matthew 10:34-37).
    I think all these things and so much more. It’s truly inexhaustible and I fear I am exhausting you. Bottom line is: there is no (one) answer. It is beyond thought, knowing.
    Perhaps there is only experiencing.
    And welcome back!

  6. Dearest Ron,
    How nice for you.
    However, I am FEMALE.
    Quaking in your boots yet?
    Goddamm, I hope so.

    This is my work in progress. Please be kind because I am actually a wimp.
    I was 52 years old before I ever saw a dead person.

    That speaks volumes.
    And asks many questions.
    And states many facts.

    There is punctuation.
    I like punctuation.
    In the English Language.

    The King’s English, my ass.

    “Royalty”? don’t get me started.
    “Saints”? don’t get me started.

    I’ve done got angry. More later…
    I’m now 53. I’ve seen another dead person.
    And learned about many more.

    …non sequiter…
    In Iraq, I read that, the only thing the WOMEN ask for is help burying the bodies.

    …non sequiter…

    PORNOGRAPHY: I’ve been noticing, for a while now, that, in the “liberal blogosphere”, there is no room for those who hate pornography and speak against it, NOR for those having anything good and truthful to say about Jesus.

    But others have said it far better than I:
    Thoreau’s Journal: 21-Oct-1857

    Is not the poet bound to write his own biography? Is there any other work for him but a good journal? We do not wish to know how his imaginary hero, but how he, the actual hero, lived from day to day.

  7. what do i see when i think of god?


    god is … a concept? everything-and-nothing? a verb, not a noun?

    but my little brain needs something to hold on to so i give her something.

    i experience god as revealing her/him/it/them-self in many forms. perhaps the most tangible form is the goddess hekate. this is one of my favourite depictions of her: http://www.loesje.info/esoterie/hekate.htm

  8. Isabella- thanks for the thoughtful comment. I like how you separate the “human” need for a definition from the reality of an un-nameable and indescribable notion.

    I’ve never heard of Hekate. I’ll Wiki it.


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