Traffic Orgasm

I’ve been puttering along with this blog for months now. I don’t read many other blogs and don’t post very often here. Yesterday I fixed a bug in my comment box code which prevented entering text in IE. Later that day I got over a dozen comments. Elated, I commented back, eager to re-kindle blog relationships. Then I happened to check my traffic, and WOW, found I went from 300 to 3000 hits in one day. Fixing a comment box couldn’t have done that!! I traced the cause to two simultaneous and lucky links by others. One is from a site called BloggerFodder, a simply delicious array of links to hot posts for other bloggers or readers to peruse and use, if desired. The bulk of traffic, however, came from StumbleUpon, where my recent post was added to their spirituality page. I am now fans of both, and I hope you will show MY appreciation for them by visiting them!

6 thoughts on “Traffic Orgasm

  1. I’ve found StumbleUpon to add a lot of traffic to my site as well. We’re also listed on I’m wondering if maybe that site found Labster through StumbleUpon. Either way, I’m addicted to using that SU toolbar. Nice blog you have!


  2. hahaha! That tool is hilarious. My vegetarian blog that I started not even four months ago is worth $52,000 eh?

    My blog also ended up on bloggerfodder mysteriously, but only since I started using stumble.

    Stumble is a great way to drive massive traffic to your site. It is not so easy to convert that traffic into dollar bills though. It’s almost frustrating, but then I think about it, and it’s still traffic.

    Lately there has been enough traffic for a few good orgasms actually. A post I put up 6 or 7 days ago has been viewed over 16,000 times thanks to stumble.

    The more “I like it’s!” and reviews, the longer your post get stumbled. It’s quite refreshing.

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