Great Sensible Spiritual Blog

Check out this blog, The Path of Power, written by Hieu Doan. His posts are razor focused, concise and full of powerful wisdom. The ideas are what I like to call the fresh new face of spirituality. Based on Eastern thinking, it sheds all vestiges of ritual and tradition and goes to the heart of inner growth. You can tell this guy takes this very seriously, and with good reason. He’s on the right path.

The more the mind and body enters into the realm of True Self, the more peace, unconditional love and acceptance become what we are, rather than something we seek.

2 thoughts on “Great Sensible Spiritual Blog

  1. True… spirituality is all about living life full of inner happiness… something that emanates from within! Spirituality is living our true real self… the core of us… our soul atman within!

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