Smoked Turkey Soup

Of course, after Thanksgiving, I had to make soup with the carcass. I decided to make it a spicy, Cajun style. I make a pot of wild rice and set it aside. In a big pot I sautéed some garlic and onions, added a bunch of veggies, including carrots, eggplant, cabbage (savoy), celery. I used some powdered veggie stock to flavor the broth, but added a bunch of a salt free Cajun spice mix my sister gave me. (most Cajun spice mixes are FULL of salt) Plus I added some fresh oregano I had leftover from the week before. Oregano is a universal spice. It goes with everything savory. Then I added a pinch of star anise powder, which is quite fragrant and sweet. I did this to sweeten the spicy flavor. I added a bunch of water and plopped in the turkey, meat left on it and all. (This was only a turkey breast, still plenty big)

After the soup was done simmering an hour or so, I turned it off and removed the carcass to let it cool and remove the meat. I then added the meat back to the soup and added the cooked rice. I had to season it a bit more with cayenne and salt, but it was wonderful! The subtle smoked turkey flavor tasted great with the spicy flavors.

3 thoughts on “Smoked Turkey Soup

  1. David dear: Could almost taste your turkey soup – I don’t suppose there is any of it left – frozen maybe? Save it for my next visit! I get to read just about all your “bloggings” love em! Mom

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