Partition; Condom Use and Common Sense

Today is World AIDS Day, to remind us that AIDS is very much with us all. I would like to remind you that religious dogma is effectively discouraging and preventing condom use in the name of “encouraging abstinence”. Millions are dying while that kind of thinking still persists. I think it’s about time our karma ran over that dogma!

Shadows of Lovers


Shadow puppets
undress arms and legs
from under false skin.
Gestures sweep the sky,
pointing to roiling suns beyond
the flat life of black and white.
A disembodied voice
asks about private rooms.
The shadows frolic on, innocent.

5 thoughts on “Partition; Condom Use and Common Sense

  1. Condom’s essential … religions are so locked in ancient traditions … which may have been fine in days of old. Things are different now.
    The poem you have written … deep and meaningful.

  2. You’re doing your part to spread the word. Thank you.

    Isn’t it interesting that so many priests of those religions end up being nailed for the sexual abuse of children? They are the very religious leaders who are pushing abstinence.

    And what a provoking poem.

  3. trinity- yes, religion needs to really change or get the heck out.

    whirlingbetty- the irony is sickening. the provoking poem is just shadows and light.

  4. Shadows and light are the two-dimensional view many folks have of something that is very deep and alive.

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