I lost quite a few external links during my six month dry spell on my blog. But a few good hearted bloggers kept me on, including Patry Francis. After all, I didn’t stop posting at all. Now after 4 months of very regular writing, I’ve regained some of the losses. Though I’ve changed the direction of my blog a bit, I’ve really only included more focus on spiritual issues. I still write poetry regularly. Today, I felt let down when I stopped by Simply Wait, the blog of Party Fancis. I had been commenting again on her blog, partially in thanks for having kept me on her links list during my dry spell. But today I noticed I had been eliminated from her blogroll. I won’t indulge my imagination as to why this happened. I know these things happen. I’m just disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. Hi David

    I get that disappointment. It’s part of the blogging process. As people change and sites change it’s bound to happen. Honestly, it’s one of the main reasons that I’ve held off creating a blog-roll. I don’t want to be in the position of having to remove a blog when its owner stops posting, or changes directions so dramatically that I no longer feel aligned with their work. I’d much rather link to sites on an entry by entry, day by day, basis. I know this flies somewhat in the face of the community building aspect of blogging. But as you’ve experienced, things and people do change.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I’ve got two entries in my drafts folder waiting for a quick revisions with links to two of your entries! Keep your eyes peeled.

    Take care.


  2. Ed, thanks for understanding my whining. But I combined whining with the gift of a link to the blog in question.

    You make very good points about blogrolls, and about linking to individual posts.(though you can’t trackback with blogger.com) I have been stuck in the same dilemma, but I almost always keep someone on if they are producing quality material regularly, which I am. One reason I have my links list on another page is that I am generous in keeping any sincere blogger linked. Ron Silliman has a HUGE links list, and I respect his generosity for that. To each their own style.

  3. Hi David,

    It might have been better if you contacted me directly about this, or if you’ve lost my email address, left a comment asking me to email you.

    Anyway, I think I’m an extremely generous linker, doing a weekly blog discovery of the week, linking to over 120 blogs on my very crowded sidebar, and regularly pointing to great posts I’ve read. If I knew how to put the links on a separate page, the list would undoubtedly be much longer. One of the most joyous aspects of blogging for me is creating community and I do it every day, not just by pointing readers in the direction of other worthwile blogs, but by reading, commenting, and actively nurturing my blog relationships.

    The decision to take down a few links some months ago was made because I wanted to make room on my sidebar for my new book cover, as well as information about the book club I was forming–also to support other writers and to bring traffic to the bloggers who had joined. I also added over 20 new bloggers who have become part of my community.

    I chose to remove links to bloggers whose sites had become inactive or who seemed to have lost their sense of connection with my blog (ie those who never visited). At that time, I really thought you had lost interest in my site, and probably wouldn’t care one way or another if you were listed on my roll.

    Linking to sites just to improve their rankings–or hoping to improve my own–has never been my goal. Though I appreciate a link, I don’t keep track of who does and who doesn’t.

    I noticed that you returned and left a couple of comments in the last week or two–and I was actually hoping for an opportunity to renew our blog connection.


  4. Patry, I was (fairly) careful in my post to keep my disappointment neutral. I didn’t so much blame you as express my feelings. I also mentioned that you were generous to keep me linked during my dry spell, and that it seemed ironic I got cut after I had come back to blogging full time and had commented on your site.

    As I’ve mentioned to you in the past, and more recently in a comment on your site, you are the consummate blogger, very considerate, and also very conscientious in creating a blogroll of quality blogger friends, not just links for links. I do not keep such a high standard, but mix the two, offering some links for links and also to friends and quality bloggers.

    I struggle to keep up with reading all the bloggers on my list. I simply cannot, without jeopardizing my health and my real life. I don’t know how you can do it, or if you do. So I don’t mind if a blogger rarely visits my site, as was your case. If their blog is good and they maintain my link, I leave mine to them.

    Thank you for this comment. It shows your dedication to all bloggers.

    I will certainly link back to you, and will not expect any automatic reciprocal gesture. Your integrity certainly deserves that freedom. I wish you the best, Patry.


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