Chicken Orange Stew

I threw together a chicken stew tonight, using my favorite method, the pressure cooker. I used some pre-marinated chicken I get at a local family run food market. This had a tequila lime marinade. That inspired me to continue with the citrus theme. So I added several clementines to a mix of chopped savoy cabbage (mild flavor), sweet potato (cut up), peas (cleaned out the freezer), some leftover tofu, and I can’t remember what else. Oh yes, eggplant, cubed.

You’ll get used to me sharing my pressure cooker recipes. I almost always start by sautéing several cloves of garlic, sliced, and a shallot, chopped, to either olive oil or a butter/olive oil mix. Then I add the chicken and brown it a bit. Then I throw in all the other veggies with some good broth. I used a concentrated veggie broth this time. The brand it “Better than Broth”, which has excellent flavor and is not too salty.

For the seasoning I used sweeter spices, tarragon, cardamom, marjoram. But I always add something for zest. I squeezed a lemon, sprinkled a little cayenne and threw in some pink peppercorns.

I pressure cooked it for 10 minutes. And, voila. Delicious. Oh, I cooked up some white Basmati rice to go with it. Just LOVE basmati, with its nutty flavor. Normally I’d try to use the brown version, but I didn’t want to wait the 45 minutes it would take. The white only takes 20.a

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