Calling for Poetry Submissions

I’m way late in doing this. The event is this Saturday, November 18th. (but I’ll add submissions through Sunday night)

I’m hosting a Poetry Carnival for Ringing of the Bards, a site created by Billy the Blogging Poet for one purpose, as a hub to organize these carnivals.

So, please send me your poetry, show off to the world what’s in the back of your drawer, under your bed or posted up on your fridge, or something your cat wrote, or perhaps a. dream. you. have. of. a. poem. Haiku might be a good way to go. Send submissions to garnet at glitteringstew dot com. Please title it “Poetry Carnival” and make sure you include a link to the poem on your blog.

2 thoughts on “Calling for Poetry Submissions

  1. I will definitely send you something today, my friend! Billy has long done an admirable job in promoting poetry, and poetry community, online. x

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