Absolute Purr-fect Truth

Gray Tabby and Siamese catsI open a can
of cat food,
the “swick” of which
opens the scene
and the purring
begins. I am the maestro.
My orchestra is ready.
A “prrrrrooowww”
comes in stereo duet from
a Siamese and a Gray Tabby.

Big green and blue
eyes blink kissingly
up at me; I can almost hear
the tingle of a triangle at
each loving lash. Fur
rubby-dubby love sings
to my naked calf.
I almost trip over
their insistence and
and personal attention.
Such detail and rhythm!
Such poise and finesse!
These musicians know
how to pull my strings
with a tune of sweet contentment.
Around them, there is no time,
only feline smiles and the
music of purr-fect truth.

The photo is of my buddies, who are also each other’s buddies, Punker(17 y.o Tabby) and Merlin(4 y.o. Siamese).

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