What If…?

Suppose, instead of Smashing Pumpkins firing of a new album built around Halloween costumes design, they did an album with virtual sex narrated in the style of the Andy Rooney show, “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney’? As a result, I can imagine Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Evans having a fine trip to Hawaii, at least before the Earthquake and threats from Hurricane Paul. I mean, even Britney Spears could join in, especially if Monday Night Football didn’t run too late. Can you imagine it? Although now that Steve Lyons has been fired, he may have to consider a swim with dolphins off the coast of Wales. That would cure any tendencies toward obsessive compulsive disorder he might be experiencing. But the whole deal would be off if Gina Lollobrigida showed up, considering her 50 or so movie career, including Mortal Sin, Strange Bedfellows, A Curious Way to Love and Same Sex Articles. No, wait that last one was made during a recent game of Second Life, you remember, the one where President Barack Obama proclaimed the Festival of Diwali the supreme celebration of Light over Dark, Good over Evil, where everyone experiences Moksha and is liberated from the cycle of Life and Death. The band Nirvana makes a comeback just for the event, and then disappears in a fog.

This post is intended as a light hearted “massaging” of the search engine, keyword system of blogging.

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