The Smiling Higher Self

Higher Self watches as I struggle with the drama of ego; reacting to situations with selfishness, desiring control, judging, pulling away emotionally when things don’t go well, giving up easily, avoiding failure.

This lighter Spiritual Self smiles and gently nudges me back into the flow, reminding me to be in the moment without attaching to or rejecting it. With this higher part of me fully conscious, I gently embrace the emotions and fears I feel without being limited or dragged down by them, without giving into their endless drama.

This Higher Self knows that I am valid, that every cell in my body is just another form of something which was always here and will always be here, which can never die and is always born. This Self knows I am part of a magnificent whole, a Grand Spirit, the One.

I know that I am a human struggling to find this wholeness, but must struggle with it because I am human. I may know that I am part of something greater, but I do not feel it. I feel separate and small. So the Higher Self just smiles and says tenderly, “I am with you. Know that you are always free in spirit, no matter what happens in life.”

One must subscribe to the temporary nature of our existence, our consciousness here, with all its trappings, its beautiful and grotesque richness; and dare, strive, allow yourself to live with the most quality possible.

10 thoughts on “The Smiling Higher Self

  1. I found you through another blog. I try to navigate through the waters to find who else may be floating out there. I am ever so glad I did and will bookmark you so that I can really sit in the morning with my first coffee and read, read, read. Already the first thing has taken me in.
    So nice to meet you!

  2. Lisa, Nice ot me you, too. I love your style and spirit. “I aspire to be inspired”, (from your blog) is a good philosophy. Thank you for stopping by. Would you like cream with your coffee? D

  3. Sometimes I fool myself into thinking my struggle is with other people but you’ve reminded me that I am struggling with myself. I should stop it. Whew. Close call. Thanks. 🙂

  4. This is probably the most beautiful paragraph you’ve written. So heartfelt, so noble.
    Every so often we need a lift to feel better. But this lift does not always have to be a strong volcano…but rather a gentle one, smiling, ever forgiving. Like the love of Mother.

  5. Yes, I thought of the Higher Self as a gentle parent figure, an Ideal one. love, your synchroself.

    All this is becoming more clear to me now. The Higher Self is something we all have as conscious beings, but we hardly cultivate it. That is what spirituality is about.

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