Peter in Search of Pan

This pure poetry blog Peter in Search of Pan, by Bill Piety, offers nearly daily poetic musings. Rich in images, personality and easy rhythm, his poems often sprout from events in his life (I assume), though some have the tone of an Irish or Scottish ballad. Their informal style invites you in, fulfilling the invitation with lots of particular details and mellow philosophical musings. I always come away satisfied, as if I’ve eaten a small but succulent piece of chocolate. Speaking of succulent, the photo of his lips in the about section is a cherry on the sundae treat of his wonderful poems.

i watched a laddy dying, laughing as the gulls began their mourning
wail, wrapped my toes in sea salt as the tide began its hungry prowl,
and waited for the angels

Keep Your Sights High

Autumn Distance PerspectiveI was jogging in the park today and began looking up at the trees to enjoy all the gorgeous, rich leaf colors. I noticed how light my head felt, how smooth it felt to jog. Since I was focused quite a bit above the ground and also a bit further ahead, the scenery moved slower past me, and the bouncing sensation of jogging became less evident. It felt as if I were floating along, rather than pounding the pavement, or asphalt in this case.
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Dirty Enlightenment and Pesto

Pesto StuffA few months ago I saw a tiny article in the local paper about dirt. Apparently, studies suggest a little grime might keep you healthy. Sewer rats showed more vigorous immune systems than their clean, lab rat counterparts. I knew there was a good reason I don’t clean my house! (much)

But, seriously… Yes, I always get serious. Must be my Welsh genes. They even have a word for it over there, Hiraeth, an ineffable yearning, a longing for something, a perennial vision of a golden age at once lost and never found. Poetry and music are highly valued and practiced throughout all Welsh culture. Poetry contests are common, and everyone sings in a choir.

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What If…?

Suppose, instead of Smashing Pumpkins firing of a new album built around Halloween costumes design, they did an album with virtual sex narrated in the style of the Andy Rooney show, “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney’? As a result, I can imagine Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Evans having a fine trip to Hawaii, at least before the Earthquake and threats from Hurricane Paul. I mean, even Britney Spears could join in, especially if Monday Night Football didn’t run too late. Can you imagine it? Although now that Steve Lyons has been fired, he may have to consider a swim with dolphins off the coast of Wales. That would cure any tendencies toward obsessive compulsive disorder he might be experiencing. But the whole deal would be off if Gina Lollobrigida showed up, Continue reading