To Give is to Create

Fern out of RockGiving love, attention and compassion to others; these actions are not the overflow of attentions to our selves, not the excess pennies or diamonds from our pockets. They are instead creations from the cold stuff of the universe, butterfles emerging, wet and new, transformed from crusty cocoons. Giving and loving is the creation of positive energy, healing not only others, but ourselves, nourishing the greater Self.

6 thoughts on “To Give is to Create

  1. That’s a beautiful thing to think about on this new day. Thank you! Love is, I believe, the motivating engine behind all good things. x

  2. Love and compassion heal others and ourselves. Yes. Why do so many cling to things that only seem to protect them? Imagine if we could all just let go to let the universe in.

  3. Liz, that’s so true – when we are able to remove the imagined barriers to our own progress, there are no limits. The answer to your question, I believe, is likely to be fear. It is fear which makes people cling – to destructive ideologies, harmful relationships, addictions and careers. x

  4. Liz- Your wisdom always shows itself in subtle ways. Yes, let the universe in, or realize it is already in us and we just need to see it.

    Andy- I always think of the Bene Geserit saying from “Dune”, “Fear is the mind killer. Face your fear and let it pass through you.”

  5. Those are some very insightful comments and warrant reflection of our in-grained ideals. We all should endeavor to live our lives to the fullest both mentally and physically but few of us do. We are creatures of what works best and fear the realm outside of our comfort sphere. To advance our human experience we have to be willing to go where we fear. We have to focus on the journey and leave the thought of discomfort and unknown in the extreme background of our conscience.

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