Night Flower

Night Blooming Cirrus Flower

The pale cirrus flower glows by night
under a platinum moon. It shines
as my sleepless sighs exhale anguished air
across its feathered wings, fluttering
grief over the evaporated dream of your love.
Briefly, the ghostly bloom grows a follicle
filled with fresh pomegranate juice,
whose ripe, succulent, mouthwatering
kisses fade in dawn’s cool light.

10 thoughts on “Night Flower

  1. I hope I’m able to recall this poem the next time I’m fortunate enough to behold a cirrus. It’s amazing that you’re able to put together words to describe both the flower and a lover’s dejection, and to connect the two.

  2. This is one of my favorites. I love how you use the round words, moon, ghostly, bloom, over evaporated… The assonance is soothing but is rings of something hollow.

  3. Hey Tammi- After I wrote it, I looked at the assonances and found also found all the ‘breathyness’ in

    “…sleepless sigh exhale anguished air
    across its feathered wings, fluttering”

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