Glittering Commentari 15, Ron

It’s been awhile since I posted a Glittering Commentari. But Ron of Wondering Soul presented me with this concise and simple description of the relationship between doing and being, which was the subject of the post. I can’t imagine it being put more clearly.

If I may simply amplify what has already been said…my ideal is to let my doing be informed by being, that is, all doing comes, whether consciously or not, from being. One of the main difficulties is maintaining awareness in this present moment of now, of source (of being) whatever one chooses to call it, God, Goddess, Gaia, Spirit or whatever. As Neale Donald Walsche put it in ‘Conversations with God’; “remember who you really are and be that!” St. Paul said to “walk in the Spirit” (who you really are) and the doing will naturally arise from that state of consciousness.

Please visit his site. You’ll come away feeling lighter in spirit.

4 thoughts on “Glittering Commentari 15, Ron

  1. Exactly! Doing is but the form following the function of being, we are all being whether we realize it or not. When we become aware of our being in this very moment, we are living aware. I’ve found the time that when most people are aware of there being is when they are taking a poop. It’s almost an enlightening moment. Releasing thier polution. This is what we should do with our minds as well, release the polution.

  2. Travis- I’ve actually thought of that, but never had the gumption to post about it. Thanks for saying it out loud!! (I know another blog where it focuses, playfully, on that area of thought almost exclusively)

    Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts.

  3. I just read Clittering Commenteri 15. Usually certain types of poetry is so far above my head that I don’t get the point. I write simple rhymes but that was simply beautiful and understandable. Perhaps if I continue to read your work I will learn a few things and gain a lot of understanding.

    Thanks, Edna Beard

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