Into the emptiness
which I fill with my heart
I give myself up
to the inevitable
essence of oblivion
and exhale as many breaths
full of peace as possible

I got that photo from The Universe in Color, a magnificient collection of stunning photos by Robert Gendler. Go check it out!

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16 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. The idea of emptiness is usually quite lonely and frightening but you have managed to make emptiness appealing…This concise piece is magnificent…Thanks for the link to the pictures as well;)

  2. Oblivion is a place with no disturbance, no strife, no fear. As such, it is an appealing idea. But it is also a place of no joy, no love, no life. What price peace?

  3. Tammi- Hello, thanks for stopping by. For some reason, I get solace from the emptiness of space. It doesn’t seem as empty as the occasional emptiness I feel in my soul.

  4. Ned- Good point. Oblivion is neutral. As a meditation, it calms me. The I can see joy and fear as opposites, not exclusive of each other.

  5. Excellent find David. I love space photography but his images on earth are incredible. Thanks for sharing such a treasure.

  6. What a mesemerizing display of beauty, in the picture and in your words. I have recently began chanting and this is a wonderful reminder that emptiness is positive.
    –I’m almost 70% back to my old self, blogging and such. I’ll frequent more often!

  7. Hello Hungry- Glad you’re getting your old swagger back. I’m still very distant from blogging. But I’ve found a balance I can sustain.

    MB- Mmmm Hmm!

  8. Oh my! What a picture! Amazing indeed. Yes emptiness is important. Not to feel attached to anything and also blissful. The dream of every human being, but that can be achieved nonetheless.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Well, this photo certainly puts things in perspective, or should at least. A vast galaxy before our eyes, among innumerable vast galaxies, suspended in the vast universe.

  10. yes, loneliness can be scary, intimidating but not if you change teh old paradigm of needing someone to define who you are.
    we are so conditioned we never pause to think we came in alone through the canal of birth, stayed there alone, frightened(?) shivering, bobbing in a turbid unclear matrix, just waiting for something to happen, suspended in a vacant destiny, but we MADE it. so why the loneliness of physical space? we’ve been there before. came out calm, yet epectant and then get so tarnished by the applied layers of soceity, imagine atiger feeling lonely?
    I fret, gluttonize,to fill up the empty space but maybe you are right, I’ve started enjoying my asceticism, it makes me feel strong, inviolable and yes. it’s given me a sense of humor, like a an eagele soaring , taking in the prespective. That’s what we lack sorely perspective. It’s a practice taht grows. it’s okay to have company but it’s equally ok not to.

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