Dream Away the Cold Gray Day


Freezing weather just returned to Columbus after a few weeks of milder temperatures. I scowled as I walked to do some errands earlier today, thinking the fresh air would do me good. A frosty breeze burned through my fleece jacket. My thoughts withered to basic survival. “Just get home!”

Upon returning home, I brought the mail in and noticed a flower catalog in the pile. I get lots of them. I’ve “outgrown” most of the choices they offer, and I have a good nursery nearby where I can choose healthy plants. But this catalog offered some unusual flowers and plants with colorful leaves. As I paged through it, I felt a warm, tingly hope. “Winter will end, winter will eventually end…”

I don’t indulge in dreams much, because I believe they interfere with awareness of the present. (that’s something I need to write more about here) But today, I felt the healing power of that little day dream.

I dreamed of warm weather and lazy days soaking in time, of bright chartreuse coleus and orange daylilies and purple petunias, which smell sultry sweet at night; of verdant glitter as the sun draws warm breezes through the trees. I dreamed of Brugmansia blooming on my back patio with its huge trumpets dangling insouciantly. It’s heady fragrance illuminated the gray day of my winter attitude.

A little dreaming once in awhile is like chicken soup for the soul.

How do you dream away a cold gray day?

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22 thoughts on “Dream Away the Cold Gray Day

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  2. David, I’m voting for you too. Your site and writing is too good not to be noticed and acknowledged on a wider level.

  3. Thank you Trée- that’s a generous compliment coming from you, with your magnificient blog!

    Hi Shankari-A little dreaming goes a long way.

  4. I often do it with a pot of Lapsang Souchong tea and a good book, curled up with a lap robe and my cat stretched out along my right thigh.

    Now I’m going off to vote for you and this lovely, very human blog.

  5. Hi sweetie! I hope all is well… I’m a tropical girl! I don’t care for the winter much. But when a gray day comes, all I think of is the beauty of the sunlight glistening on the ocean. I’m lying on the white sand, under a huge sun umbrella, next to my sweetheart on Ipanema beach! Just the sun, the ocean, and he and I, in complete bliss and tranquility! Mmmm what a lovely dream indeed… 🙂

    I had no idea blogger had an awards thing!!! How exciting, especially since it is here in AUSTIN! WOW!! Sweetie, if you’re nominated, YOU know you’re more than welcome to stay with me! I am definately voting for you Darlin’. Until then.

    *Hugs and Kisses*


  6. Yemanja- that’s a beautiful dream. I think I need to get away from winter sometime soon. Thanks for the offer to stay with you. We’d have a blast!!

  7. Call me contrary, but I have been lately practicing acceptance rather than dreaming. The park in front of my house is deliciously deserted at this time of year because so many humans deem the season unappealing. How fortunate for me! The beauty is there still, just transformed. The cool air is easy on the lungs, the river still runs, the tree branches’ twists and turns are now visible. Not a bad deal, really.

  8. Oh Betty, I would never call you contrary. *wink* Nice comment. “deliciously deserted” is a fun phrase. Add an “s” and you have a sweet treat.

  9. Dave,
    “A little dreaming once in awhile is like chicken soup for the soul.” The perfect prescription for a cold, gray day. Love your description of the flowers.

  10. I’m always daydreaming. As for the seasons, I love them all. A gray day is often appealing to me. I imagine that I’m an artist in Europe. I draw a gray girl’s portrait in blue;)

  11. Scot- Hello. Nice of you to stop by. Speaking of flower; Soon after this post I realized it’s time to start the Amarylis bulbs back into bloom. They’ve been dormant for 3 months.

  12. Hello,
    I remember flower catalogues. They used to overwhelm me. So many choices and so hard to choice–no enough knowledge to make choices from. I was a nursery girl for that reason at least I knew they had plants that grew where I was. I loved reading about how you used them for dreaming. You know most of my dreams are about places and stars and friends like those on this page. I have a picture in my head of seeing your house and your garden with Ronco Cucco or a little Vuevre.

    I nominated you last night at about 2a.m. and several others above you here. Gosh what would happen if someone won the big one and got that 2006 cents to spend? Big Chesire Cat Grin.

    I dream we will always be where we can talk to each other.

  13. Liz-Hi. I nominated you too. It was fun looking through my favs list.

    I dream about clinking a glass of champagne with you atop the Hancock at night, as we survey the glitter sprawled out around us.

    I like your last sentence. I think about you a lot. Can you hear me?


  14. Garden catalogs… garden catalogs… ah yes, garden catalogs… They help prop up my existence in late winter, whether or not anything comes of them.

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