Inspire Beauty

I’m off to visit Platinum Glamor (my mother) out east. See you in the New Year! Garnet

I love the word inspire, whish literally means to breathe in. May you breathe in beauty, love, peace and joy.

May the light in your heart burn clear and long.

Thank you for the rich tapestry of your comments this first nine months. I look forward to longer days, more yang energy. May the heat in your heart warm you in the cold times.


Chicago, cold sky

Beauty calls and yearns for your attention,
it gives rise and demension to your soul,
a reflection of your truest goals.

Lest we forget, our hearts are fueled
by a love enduring beyond our lives.
And beauty is its chaperone,
a spark through the dark nights
on the long walk
to the light of the mountain top.

All we have is each other.

May the comfort of love be with you.

15 thoughts on “Inspire Beauty

  1. Thanks for the warm wishes of comfort and love. The last month or so of knowing you have been so enriching. Do please keep inspiring! And Merry Christmas!

  2. Very nice refined poem. Made refreshing reading. I associate beauty mostly with children and nature or uniqueness of any human being.

    I am an amateur poet myself and coincidentally today only posted a poem on “The return of Saurav Ganguly” Check it out if interested.

    Keep writing elegant poetry. All do not have such talent. Best of luck. God bless you.

  3. I come here to breathe in the the truth and beauty of friendship, the memory of the first comment I wrote in this little box that inspired so many conversations after that one. I love your poetry, your personhood, your whole being.

  4. I am inspired by your reminder that now the days are lengthening. I had forgotten that important fact. Thank you, too, for your many blessings, not just today’s.

  5. You have always been inspirational to me Garnet…! You’re one of the most kind and thoughtful man I’ve ever known… No strings attached, just a free and effortless friendship… Obrigada my friend!



  6. Thank you all. I’m basking in all your warmth. I’m also feeling as if a quiet, latent, real me is emerging, slowly, shyly, through all this. I can’t wait until next year. Watch out!

  7. Awesome thoughts. Awesome words.
    The most powerful energy is our synergy.
    Breath to breath.
    Heart to heart.
    Soul to soul.

    The synergy of the blogosphere has put more life into our atmosphere.

    God bless you.

  8. Your words are beautiful ad powerful.
    Your inspiration for the never-ending love we have in our heart is the power of our existence.

  9. Dave,
    Enjoy your visit. I look forward to my continued visits with you during this coming year to see what you have posted. You paint such wonderful word pictures, both in thought and form alike, that I take pleasure in reading. Thank you for coming by my way. Your visits and comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Here’s to the new year. . .

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