Incandescent Nectar

Poem, with photo of yellows roses in snow

Anybody read German? When Ralf and I lived together, he transtlated this poem of mine so we could print out cards for both our American and German friends. The photo is one i took of roses he gave me, which I thought looked stunning against the snow.

This poem was inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus. His mystical style touched me deeply. I read a version which had the German and English side by side. So I picked up a little German, too.

10 thoughts on “Incandescent Nectar

  1. It’s funny, I lived with him 9 years, and only learned a bit of German. Well, we were living in the US afterall. I know enough to understand his translation, but that’s all.

  2. Although I’ve been taking a break from writing, I have not broke from reading. All very touching posts, and you continue to provide me with good reason to make Glittering Stew a frequent stop in my internet travels.

    “Words, music, art, conversation, all fuel for the fires of creativity…a banquet for hungry minds…

    as I traverse this dessert of conformity and class, I long for the nectar of the muse…..”

    (although “muse” wasn’t itended as pun…it fits nicely there with a dual meaning)

  3. Shyloh-thank you, glad you liked it.

    Mike- your comments are florid little posts in themselves. I hope the “muse” serves you well!

    moose- So glad you used that word, stew. A stew it is indeed. It wouldn’t be Garnet any other way.

  4. Oh, boy. Testing memory…Ich spreche ein bichen Deutch. Sehr slecht.
    Anyway, Guten Tag und Guten Abend;)

    Nineth grade German. I can’t spell in English, either!

    I’m going to try to translate, though.

  5. Teri- Glad to leave you with a good feeling. Yes, Betty is a good whirler, but sometimes she can’t stop!!

    Tammi- Your German’s pretty good. About the translation, It’s OK. The English is the original. But his German translation is quite beautiful, too.

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