Hows and Whys of my Ps and Qs

green goddess
I’m morphing, trying to get my life balanced, blogged out, blogging in other directions, feeling good about those other directions (for now), filling out my gut with life and deep laughter, birthing raw thoughts from the underbelly of wild animals, beginning to believe again in the possibility of true newness in life, thinking there is hope of salvaging my distant relationship with the clarinet, thinking there may be a lover out there to match me (but not yearning for it), not reading enough books at all, yet, generally feeling quite vivid, attenuated, effulgent…drinking from the source.

I want to apologize to those whose blogs I usually frequent. During Winter I hibernate. I go inside my “box” and clean up, sort, add content, edit, rest…lots of resting, resting my eyes, my brain, my insides, taking time to stare out the window, time to watch the particular jiving, bobbing Indian head dance of turtledoves.

The word selfish is apt to describe this behavior. But from all that I’ve learned from interacting with all of you in this electronic neighborhood, I know I am useless unless I balance my own scales. I’ll be here. And in due time I’ll be getting back to visiting all my friends, old and new, including you.

So, please forgive my manners. My Ps and Qs my be out of place, but my intentions are sincere and my loving thoughts still go out to you all, if a bit more quietly for awhile.

20 thoughts on “Hows and Whys of my Ps and Qs

  1. Everyone needs time to rest and rebalance. I’m glad you’re being generous with
    yourself in this season. It’s the first step of generosity toward others.

  2. Dear David,
    Hibernate if you must. I shall wait to creep up on you when the snows melt to sprinkle fragrant coloured water on you for Holi!

  3. We all seek to find that balance, or we crash and burn.

    Take it easy man of words and music, weรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll be right here waiting.

  4. Whirling Betty- that photo is from a park near me called Inniswood. There’s a wonderful American Indian story told in a maze nearby, about how the world is reborn from the sea. That statue is the rebirth of green life. I can’t remember the name of the spirit. I’ll have to go back and visit it again.

  5. Thank God, you shant sleep that long! I’d have missed you so!
    I’ll have to check on when Holi comes by next year cuz it not a fixed day on the Gregorian calendar uknow, but marked on the hindu calendar in the month of Vasant or Basant, as its also known.

  6. Winter: The great Dreamtime of hybernation
    Spring: The time to plant the seeds of our dreams
    Summer: Playtime and creativity
    Fall: The time when we harvest our gifts, and give thanks

    I too am deep within my spiritual cave right now, Garnet.

    I think that the “hustle and bustle” of the holidays are oft created by those who resist the great ebb and flow.

    Like an old she-bear, I just open one eye and watch the disturbance with lumbering ambivilance, then go back to sleep. (Unless of course, they have cookies!)

  7. Kelly- (cookies change everything don’t they!) I so agree with you. I need to fill up again, cuddle up my heart with a good book and space out in my purple room.

  8. Adjust your stride as you need to, friend. You’ve given me much in the last couple months. I wish you nourishing hibernation.

  9. moose- what I failed to say the first time is that the feeling is likewise: you’ve given me much. I’ve enjoyed watching you really flourish in the past few months.

  10. Bears are good. We love bears. We need bears. And bears need caves. Wishing you abundant stores of body fat, and tasty things when you venture out from time to time.

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