Another Year

This poem was written by my grandfather on my father’s side, the Welsh side. He was a coal miner in Wales until the age of 21, when he asked his beloved to marry him, then shipped off to the land of opportunity. The year was 1921.
grampop Thomas, 1921
He forged an impressive career in the US, working his way up the ranks of a fairly large shipping business in Philadelphia. He eventually became chief engineer. He was a wizard at building things. He often made toys for me and my sister. During the last decade of his life, he was king of the retirement community’s workshop; he had to instruct others in the use of the lathe, a complex and delicate wood cutting instrument. I still have numerous finely lathed lamps around my house.

His charming Welsh accent never left him. He always had a smile on his face and a joke to tell. I don’t know now many times he asked me “So, are you going to become a genius… (which he pronounced geniASS with emphasis on the Ass!)”

He sang in choirs all through his life. He is the reason my mother was able to continue her musical career after marrying my father. He is one of the reasons, indirectly, why I am a musician, along with my sister.

He often wrote beautiful, poem like notes to us. This poem was probably written in the early 1980’s. He was a gentle, upstanding American citizen. He died in 1985.

Another year has reached an end.
‘Tis Christmas time in gray December
With thoughts of giving, as we spend,
of bad times past we rare remember.

Throughout the world a spell is cast
And thoughts of love and peace takes hold.
As we hear again as in the the past
The greatest story ever told.

True, greed and hate will still abound.
In hardened hearts who have no creed.
They specialize the year around
Using God to state their greed.

But thanks to Him, a son was born,
And Father, son and Holy Ghost,
Though many laugh and many scorn
The spirit of God is worth the most.

The atom bomb, the power of man
To most of us, has caused much fear.
These threats of hate, since they began
Have plagued us all the year.

But bombs and threats have gone to pot.
The day of days is here again.
When the power of man is soon forgot
And the King of Kings, once more will reign.

The yearly log will close with cheer,
Another chapter in life’s great tome.
a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
I hope you have one in your home.

17 thoughts on “Another Year

  1. Heartwarming. Utterly delightful glimpse into your roots! I read this twice, I was so fascinated.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours! (Please note: my blog url changed, if re-directions does not work.)

  2. Hello newilluminati- How nice of you to stop by. Happy new year to you, too.

    Trée- Hi, I love that photo of him. You can’t see it from my photo of it, but the he made the frame from the tip of a wooden propeller. It’s really cool.

    SilvermOOn- new location noted. How are you? Well, and not TOO busy, I hope.

    hugs to all,

  3. Ah, Carole, good to see you. I chuckle, because it’s so true!! Especially pronounced that way!! I’m impressed you are able to visit, with your moving and all.

  4. I agree with Tree, this grandfather of yours had handsome features, and what an interesting bit of family background.

    My great grandfather used to write poem like letters to us, my sibs and I, when we were small. Too small to comprehend them, shame really. He called us girls his princesses and my brothers princes, and he called himself poop deck pappy. Odd man, but interesting with a lovely sense of humor and ample imagination. Your grandfathers poetry reminded me of him.

  5. fineartist- Yes, he was a handsome man. And keeping a smile on one’s face as one ages never hurts. Those kinds of sturdy citizens are sparse these days; simple, deep, solid. Sounds like you had a wonderful great grampa, too.

  6. We have a Welsh grandfather in common–my mother’s father William Townsend, who brought his young family to Hartford from Liverpool in 1910. Lovely picture of the man and certainly some family resemblance in his grandson!

    A lovely holiday to you–may it be filled with friends, laughter and love.

  7. Hey Will! Nice to see you. I’m flattered to have any resemblance to Grampop. Thank you.

    Best wishes to you too, my friend! And for a wonderful New Year as well.

  8. it makes me wish that i understood better italian so i could learn more from my grandparents.

    very light if a little kooky.

  9. I find that there is a fine line between machinist, mill workers and artists. My husband is a sheetmetal worker and I think he is an artist. It’s quite a magnificent craft. I think that you have that “hands-on” element in your writing (especially in light of your ancestry).

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