A Simple Gift


Let it Out!
Let a smile overcome you-
a simple gift
which heals deeply
and welcomes another in return.

Tell a story of
your Life with the meaning you give it.
Let it out!
Open the gushing faucet
and savor the Joyful Child within you.

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18 thoughts on “A Simple Gift

  1. I love your choice of words in the final line. The word “savor” looks like “savior” at first. This really puts an interesting spin on my take on this beautiful little nugget:)

  2. Thank you Betty and Teri- I’m making chicken soup from scratch. Once you’ve had it there’s no turning back. Then I’m gonna veg on the couch and watch movies. Vegging is really hard for me to do, being such a doer!

  3. My inner child is smiling right now, heck my outer middle aged shell is smiling too.

    Be well Garnet, and don’t forget to drink lots of green tea.

  4. Thanks Patry, nice to see you. Sometimes I try to nudge myself into a better mood with these little ditties. It’s as much for me as for anyone else.

  5. Garnet, I hope by now you are feeling better, or at least starting to. Thanks for the big smile. I hope there is soon one on your face, too!

  6. I’m all better. Whatever gripped me has mysteriously disappeared without a trace. I think it just didn’t dare mess with me. My immune system said “Outta here, bub!”

  7. I’m smiling at the lovely poem and the beautiful peacock. Such a creative pairing and so you to put them together. How light, how airy.

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