The Answer

red seed

I want my last breath
to be the question
which my whole life answered,
to end with the sweetest, most open,
softest heart in all my years,
to smile as I spray across
the universe and collide with
starry friends and look back
over hearts still hoping
for an answer, or, perhaps,
a new kind of question.

I’ll be out of town for a day. See you then

18 thoughts on “The Answer

  1. Good heavens, Garnet, you’ve scared me with this beautiful gem. I hope your trip is a safe one and that your question is not uttered before we’re done relishing your answers.

  2. I know that sentence. “I want my last breath to be the question which my whole life has answered.” I am so sure that your life will be. You are a person who is the epitome of self-actualization. How could it be otherwise? I am so delighted that this sentence has become such deep and simple poetry. This may be your best ever. It moved me, David. It is you in so few words.

  3. I am back safely. I had a wonderful day away. Thank you all for your kind and heartfelt words. It means a lot to me that this simple poem can touch people so deeply. love to you all, G

  4. This is the big one isn’t it?
    The great unknown
    The whatisitallaboutwhyamIhere question that walks beside us all
    as a shadow ignored.

    It haunts me daily.

  5. Kelly, it haunts you? Is that your final answer?

    Anna- thank you. A web of caring is built strand by strand. I try to spread the words a bit with these.

  6. Beautiful and thought provoking. Strikes me that the answer is about ‘being’ nothing more nothing less. We exist to be… become.

  7. Dear David/Garnet, I sure am glad you blog:). So if you still need encouraging words, I shall keep passing them on. But do keep sharing such lovely jewels.

  8. You posted this while I was away, Garnet, and so I’ve come to it rather late in the day. Nonetheless, what a wonderful, enlightened poem to return to!

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