no referer
hide among its void. Molecules dance
wide apart in heat, passionate
partners doing do-si-do, passing far between.
In cold they tire and huddle close,
space shut out with little to show.

parts my words, parsing intent
with punctuated drama,
allowing you to fill
your hopes with the space
of words I utter not.

This is a 55 word poem, inspired by the challenge from English, August blog.

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14 thoughts on “Space

  1. “to fill your hopes with the space of words I utter not” — dear Garnet you really captured how deadly expectations can be.

  2. Carole- I think you visit my brain in my dreams.
    Betty- I love the irony of the lengthy word “laconically”.
    I think I’ll write more of these. I like the freedom I find within limits.

  3. GEL- So nice to see you again! I’m flattered, and I’m not just saying that. I miss you around here. As Joni said, “you don’t know what you’ve got…”

  4. Wow. I just read your comment on my blog that my comment on Waiterrant’s Legion post had been posted here. I read it again, and I am grateful and flattered that you thought my writing worthy enough to be posted here. Thank you.

  5. Lindsey- Nice to see you. I’m glad you saw your comment on the big screen. Of course you deserved it!

    Trée- Yes, I need to remember that limits can actually stimulate creativity. I keep forgetting!

    .:A:.- I have to get used to typing your name! Glad you like the poem. Thanks for listing me.

  6. Garnet, I really like this one. You draw the parallels without explanation but they’re very clear. It fascinates me that there is coldness, mystery, passion and clarity all wrapped up in this poem. Very nice.

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