Sonnet for M

locks, love sonnet

Some impressions you have formed of me
tell you I wear the mantle of a snob,
(since I seem proud, opinionated and free)
and given the public successes in my job.
Yet I’m more fragile than it seems.
Lacking wit, I’m vulnerable to pain
especially when my heart with love does beam.
Dwelling in paradox, I am target for disdain.
You are a puzzle waiting to be solved,
though fear keeps you from letting love evolve.
But I’ve no key and your heart remains locked
So I feel I intrude where I ought not.
Your face is blank emotion. Do I belong?
I only wish to please you with my song.

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13 thoughts on “Sonnet for M

  1. Your unique art clips (abstract, or with – maybe – esoteric connection to the subject of the poem) kept me interested and encouraged my interest to lead my eye down the page.

    You are more than welcome to utilize any digital rendering, in any manner you wish (crop away).

    Would you be interested in collaborating on a poem dig-rend combination? We discuss and decide on a theme/topic/title/emotion and then each of us creates something based or derived from the collaboration?

    Thank you for your compliments and – even more so – thank you for your interesting applaudable site and creative poems (or, as I like to think of them: word paintings).

  2. You know what an old cynic I am (!) when it comes to affairs of the heart, Garnet, but there are two lines in this poem which I found delightful and philosophically intriguing: Lacking wit, I’m vulnerable to pain / Dwelling in paradox, I am target for disdain.

    Just by the way: might the second line not scan better if it were “I’m a target …?

  3. Veach- You’re on! —Ken- You’re right! Ken, you zoned in on a problem area for many artists. Abstraction is often seen as either snobbery or stupidity, both of which I’m accused of. (perhaps accurately!)

  4. Nicely written. I’m quiet and somewhat aloof in person. Often this is seen as arrogance by others. There is not an arrogant bone in my body, yet I’m perceived by many as such. Garnet, your poem hits home in many ways for me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how people who don’t understand our silent times need to find them arrogant, when the something that’s missing is in them not in us? I’ve been called arrogant too, enough to flinch at the word and frown when I hear it used about anyone.

    Maybe we should just change the dictionaries.
    arrogant, adjective meaning deeply contemplative, tender, sweet and sensitive.


  6. Liz, you would get no argument from me. I’m a deeply introverted person and most of the criticism I get comes from extroverts who want me to be just like them. When I’m not, they resort to negative and hurtful labels. I’ve learned to be like a ghost and simply let the judgments pass through me without sticking. I can only be me, and so I am.

  7. LIz and Trée- Discernment is often seen as arrogance. So is saying what you think. I’ve learned to just lay out around really fragile and insecure people. But sometimes I begin to believe it’s me who has the problem. I’m still working on that. My desire to fit in is pretty strong. I forget who I am too quicly. It surprises me.

  8. There is in everyone, a certain yearning to be known and understood. For some people, this is easy and is never a concern. For other more complex types, this is never easy. They shield too much, for one. Ultimately, it is only important that those to whom you have given your heart know and understand. The opinions of anyone else do not matter.

  9. Ned- Thank you for your wise thoughts. For some, the hardest part is achieving a level of trust where the heart can be given.

  10. This pierced my heart on many levels. Nice!
    (I’m simultaneously accused or complimented about being “intense”, somewhat akin to the “arrogant” comment.) I, too, love the clip art you found to adorn your writing.

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